There are two action-packed days of ANZTRUC. Here’s how to get the most out of it:

Before the conference…

Plan: Organise a session with your colleagues, or put some time aside if you’re going solo.

Prioritise: Understand the focus for you and your organisation over the next 12 months.  What will this mean for the growth and use of Tessitura?

Review Identify sessions on the schedule that will help you deliver what your organisation needs.

Spread Decide who will go to each concurrent session to get the best possible coverage.  Don’t all head to the same session!

Wish list What do you want get out of each session? Come prepared with questions.

Diversify Step out of your comfort zone, attend sessions outside of your interest area.  Learn something new, or gather information for an area of your organisation that wasn’t able to attend.

Identify Check out the attendee list prior to the conference, and decide who you want to talk to. A similar organisation that has been using Tessitura longer, or are doing something new and exciting.

Share  Decide how you will disseminate learnings from ANZTRUC. Schedule meetings in advance for shortly after the conference so all of the great ideas are still fresh in your mind!

At the conference…

Note Take down the relevant points and stand out ideas.  Take a picture of a significant slide with your phone (sound off!) that will trigger a follow-up for later.  Note the name and organisation of speakers in presentations, training and discussions for follow up questions during or post conference. 

Ask There is no such thing as a silly or beginner question.  The more questions you ask, the more you’ll get out of the conference.

Use Imitation is a form of flattery! Look out for great ideas that other organisations are demonstrating or talking about. Gather as much information at the conference as you can, and grab a name and email address for follow up when you're back in the office. 


Build You can get as much value from the networking opportunities at ANZTRUC as the sessions.  Build on and consolidate relationships you initiated during the day. 

Socialise Seek out the Tessitura superstars you want to talk to, meet new faces, make new connections and remember the golden rule: don’t hang with your colleagues at the networking events. You’ll see them back in the office!

Capitalise Take advantage of having Tessitura Network staff at your disposal throughout the conference. Once again this year Tessitura will be running a drop-in desk so bring along your questions/ideas/queries and stop by for a chat!

New to ANZTRUC? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! There are lots of new faces mixed in with the familiar veterans, and we’re all on the same Tessitura journey.

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